Leading up to the 2016 Presidential debates, PBS Newshour with Microsoft collaboration wanted to provide one central hub where users can watch and interact with presidential debates since 1960. Within the website experience, users will be able to watch and browse debates, track how candidates debate specific issues over time and react in real-time using Microsoft Video Pulse, which allow constant voting against time interviews set within a pre-recorded video.


We created an engaging website that allows end users to easily see highlights of all the presidential debates broken down by year and category. During the week of the presidential debates, there was a total number of 31,194 visitors, 1,490 total unique active visitors and the duration users interacted and stayed engaged on the page was averaging 00:01:21 according to Google Analytics. 



+ UX Designer

+ Visual Designer


+ Lo-fi sketches

+ IA

+ Hi-Fi prototypes

+ Guerrilla testing


The top most viewed topics included:

  1. Clinton vs Trump’s 1st debate
  2. Clinton vs Trump’s 2nd debate
  3. Civil Rights discussion
  4. Nixon vs Kennedy’s 1st debate
  5. Highlights from 1960s debates


Lo-Fidelity sketches

PBS Newshour's main target audience is between the ages of 25-54 years old according to Nielsen reports who want to be more knowledgeable about the presidential debate topics. The goal of this website is to engage PBS Newshour's audience to further educate themselves and follow past debates before 2016's presidential debates airs.


Visual Design

First Iterations of the visual design allows users to navigate throughout history by using the timeline on the right side. The second iteration uses large black and white visuals to tell the story and encourage users to scroll and explore through history.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 9.05.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 9.06.21 PM.png

After many iterations and feedback from the clients, we were able to showcase the story of presidential debates throughout history by utilizing large images with the year breakdowns. As users scroll further down the page, the filter sticks to the top of the browser, allowing for easier searches by category. Once a user clicks on one of the debates, they can watch the video while interacting in real time their response to the topic at hand. To view the live site, please visit www.watchthedebates.org