Evolution of (Microsoft) Pulse



During my time at GMR Marketing, I was the UX & UI Designer for the Microsoft Pulse project of over 3 years.

Microsoft Pulse is the leading platform for online voting, audience engagement, and real-time feedback. Pulse gives viewers, both in-person and online, the ability to respond every 5 seconds, and as often as they want, to the content they’re watching. It also gives users the opportunity to respond to poll questions and surveys and to see how others are responding to the event in real-time.


At the end of this project, we decided to create a prototype that showcases the Evolution of this project and the UX research behind new features that were implemented over the years.



+ UX/ UI Designer

+ UX Researcher



Stakeholders, product owner, project managers, developers, QA, designer 




I first identified the goal of this prototype and who the target audience was. After discussing with the team, this was to conclude the project with our product owner and stakeholders; it provides a way to look back at all the user experience methods, features and development framework that were implemented to improve the overall end users' experience. From there I researched other websites that had a similar high level overview of long duration projects to get some inspiration. 


I had to think back to my UX Approach from the beginning of this project, which included:

  1. Performed a UX Site Audit and evaluated the project goals of the users and heuristic evaluations of the first version of Microsoft Pulse's website.
  2. Understanding the targeted market and their goals within our product back in 2014

         - How is our product currently used?

         - Who uses it ? What are their motivators? Current likes/ dislikes/ pain points?

         - Created proto-personas from time-boxed research to be validated as the project progressed

  3. Creation of user stories (situation, motivation, outcome) in addition to hearing feedback from events we supported via real users

  4. Created a list of features in the backlog to help identify why personas would use a feature for sprint planning

  5. Each sprint, we would pull in features that added to our MVP (Minimally viable product) and go through the lean UX processes (see below) and test/ iterate and identify future things to tweak for future sprints. 





Design & Prototype

Design & Prototype

Validate/ Iterate

Validate/ Iterate


Diverge & Iterate

After researching some examples, a designer and I worked together to gather all the details from over the past 3 years of features and work that was done for the project and did an IA exercise. We had to organize all the iterations we had done as a team and prioritize, which ones had the most impact that we wanted to bring attention to in the Evolution of Pulse and find all the assets.

From there, I sketched a few lo-fi wireframes and thought through how our product owner will navigate and see this story of Pulse in the making. After reviewing with the internal team, I've iterated 2 more versions with more detail to fully flush out navigation and functionality of the prototype. As the designer started creating assets for this prototype, I started writing content that described our process and the research and thought process behind each iteration. With the help of our Project Manager, we were able to condense and consolidate the copy for the prototype. 



We had to complete this prototype within a 2 week sprint, so unfortunately, we only had time to do some quick guerrilla testing to validate navigation and functionality made sense to new users.

Below are some screenshots of the prototype. You can navigate throughout the years and the feature breakdown by utilizing the left timeline, or by scrolling and using the < > arrows on the lower right corner to see more features. One some iterations and features, there are additional "+" buttons that further explains any UX research or usability test results that lead to the next phase. To view the entire prototype, please click the button below. Because it is a prototype, it is intended to be viewed at 1440 px and might have some glitches.