Co-Creation Workshop



During my time at GMR Marketing, I led and facilitated many design workshops to ideate new features or revise existing features with our users in mind. This is a co-creation design session for Microsoft Pulse, a leading platform for online voting, audience engagement, and real-time feedback from audiences of any size, during any event, and on any device and browser.


The goal of this session was to create a new survey creation platform utilizing our old site's functionality and identify technology feasibility.



+ User Researcher

+ Facilitator of Workshop

+ Note taker and documentor


+ Competitive Analysis

+ Proto-Personas Creation

+ Usability Testing

+ Journey Mapping

+ White boarding




Through working with our stakeholders and clients, we were able to identify our users and create proto-personas as guidance for any new feature or iterations we want to create within our app. These are constantly improving based on our analytics and user interviews. 


Competitive Analysis

Prior to white boarding a new survey feature flow, I looked through competitors' flows and how their survey creation process worked. These showed good insights for the rest of the team to understand how intricate a survey creation process could become. We reviewed 5 different competitors as a team; below are a sample of the screenshots.







Usability Testing & Journey Mapping

From there, I created paper prototypes to do some lo fi testing with power users that resembled closest to our proto-personas. I lead and facilitated the usability testing, acting as a human computer. We were able to document, video record and learn from their verbal and nonverbal reactions to the different concepts within our survey creation process. Below is a breakdown of the overall journey and user's thoughts/ emotions towards them.



To identify if new users can successfully go through the process of creating a survey, sending it out and reviewing results. We tested first with paper prototypes with 5 users, then iterated and validated again with a lo-fi prototype. 



1. Create a Survey with two pages and 5 questions.

2. Reorder one of the questions

3. Send survey

4. View results




After reviewing the user proto-personas, results from the first paper prototyping test and reviewing competitor's survey creation flows, we started the co-creation workshop process. The entire team (QAs, PMs, Designers, Developers), stakeholders and product owner were involved. I broke off the session in phases, with individuals sketching their ideas under a limited amount of time in the first phase.

The second phase they were broken off into groups and had a bit more time to sketch out their ideas. We were able to group the similar concepts and reiterate on a third phase of team white boarding. Below are some pictures of the workshop. Please see Microsoft's Feature Evolutions to learn more details!

20160725_114649 (1).jpg

To see the result of this Survey platform and other Microsoft Pulse features, see the link below for more details.