Redesign Website Experience



During my time at GMR Marketing, Lowes Racing wanted a new rebrand and restructure of their website so it was more dynamic and intriguing for its new and current users. Lowes wanted to increase traffic to this website and be the sole source where users come to find information regarding nascar racing, even if it's not Lowes branded.


The goal was to refresh the Lowes Racing site so it's the "go-to" site for any nascar racing resources including the race scores and a quick breakdown of score comparison over the years. Unfortunately, due to budget, we were unable to execute/ launch this site and to test for future iterations.



+ UX Designer


+ Site Map & IA

+ User Interviews

+ Task Flows

+ Hi-Fi wireframe



User Interviews

We first identified as a team who the target audience and who are the current users of the Lowes Racing website. By asking our stakeholders and viewing analytics, we were able to narrow down our demographic to be mostly men, ages 25-45 and are extremely passionate about Nascars. From our research and stakeholder interviews, we found out the goals of our users and that they come to this website in order to see overall scores over the duration of multiple years. This website serves as a source for all their Nascar data, photos and more knowledge about both the team and their cars. So we started sketching out a better IA to help users accomplish this goal and utilize the Lowes Racing website as the "go-to" resource for anything Nascar related. Because of the short timeframe of this project, we did very lo-fi whiteboard sketches of user personas.

Sitemap & Information Architecture


Hi-Fi prototypes

After some initial lo-fi sketches, I created hi-fi prototypes of the website in hopes to validate with actual users before design proceeds. Unfortunately, due to budget, we were unable to execute/ launch this site and to test for iterations.