Kat K. Richards Portfolio
Kat K. Richards Portfolio
CUA Certified User Experience Designer in Milwaukee, WI

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I maintain all privacy and non-disclosure agreements, so work presented here may only be a portion of what I've created.

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Volunteer Opportunities


I work closely with the Marketing Committee for Milwaukee RiverKeeper to establish a consistent brand experience, as well as auditing the website with usability and SEO in mind for iterative improvements. I was also the UX consultant for their associate group, Plastic Free MKE, where I helped design and organized the content to tell a better story throughout their website.

speaking opportunities



The podcast is a blend of narrative and interviews, all centering around issues surrounding diversity and inclusion. We will cover issues surrounding gender, race, LGBT, and other forms of diversity including age, etc. Although we will emphasize diversity in the technology space, we will be drawing from fields including HR, academia, consulting services, and more.

Topic: UX & Accessibility | How can we as designers and UX-ers do more? 



Artificial intelligence & Machine learning

I gave a presentation as a yearly client summer meeting on the topic of AI & ML and where we see this today in products and services. This presentation also discusses how it's affecting the future of UX and projections of where products can be in 5+ years.



UX Panel: Not one size fits all

As a board member of BrewCity UX, a local Milwaukee Meetup supporting User Experience groups, I spoke with a panel of other UX designers on the topic of varying UCD & UX processes from different size companies, startups, to corporate. To learn more about the topic and other speakers, please see the meetup details page.


UX Camp: How to sell the value of UX

Whether you are a team of one, or in a big UX team, at some point in your career, you will find yourself having to demonstrate and explain the value of UX in a project or even in a company, if you haven’t already. The discussion can vary from explaining what UX is and hosting/ facilitating workshops internally to show the process to your peers, to the ROI of UX to upper management to allow additional budgeting or even to clients as new business pitches.

This presentation will discuss barriers that might come up and techniques on how to sell the value of UX to different audiences.


More presentations & speaking opportunities coming soon! Looking to collaborate or wanting a speaker on UX topics at your event? Let's talk!